Our solutions in numbers

Every day every
second Pole
uses our systems

More than
20 000 000
Poles make transactions
daily in the system installed by us

We have already installed
280 000
CCTV cameras

Along with our customers, we have prevented CO2 emission, weighing as much as
9 000
palaces of culture in Warsaw

12 000 000
Consumers live not more than 300m from the facilities where our solutions operate.

We have installed Digital solutions with a surface area
4 500
thousand pitches located at the National Stadium.

Our service fleet has already travelled the distance between the Moon and Earth

Our servers 24/7
support over
75 thousand
events per day

Remotely monitors temperatures in real time on more than
4 835
customer sites

We are located for you
in Poland and Europe

WE CONTROL DRIVE THRUE ACTIONS in facilities with a total area greater than

We provide support 24/7

HELPDESK responds to all enquiries in situations requiring technical consultations.

95% events are solved
in the first direct contact

Helpdesk available 24/7

over 100 service teams

the reaction is within 1h
since the date of the request