For us CSR is not only to meet the formal and legal requirements, but above all to make voluntary ethical, environmental and social commitments.

Signal Group
Corporate social responsibility

Responsibility is the price of greatness.

Winston Churchill

Our CSR policy is based on five pillars:
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Social commitment

The organisation is a community stakeholder and is combined with it by common interests. The organisation can also contribute by promoting good habits.

Environmental protection

Care for the environment and action according to the sustainable development regulations is the basis for action in the field of care for the environment.

Development of modern technologies

Support of the development of innovative technological solutions through research promotes the idea of ​​entrepreneurship.

Investment in human resources

Relations among employees, appropriate conditions for development, support in reconciling work and private life are the most important areas to which the organisation contributes.

Fair business practices

Issues related to honest operating practices relate to responsible engagement in activities in the public sphere, fair competition and respect for property rights.

Get to know our CSR activities

We support our employees

Physical activity of our Employees is a reason to be proud of. Therefore, as a part of the action "Wake up as a lion" we sponsor sports clothes and support Signal athletes.

Building of ties

Together we celebrate both important events in the life of our Employees, Associates and their families, and holidays such as Fat Thursday or St Martin's Day.

Christmas meetings

There are events inscribed permanently into the life of Signal Group. These include Christmas meetings, during which Employees and Associates of the company can meet. This is a great opportunity to spend time together!

Regular integration

Integration meetings "add power" to our teams of specialists. Owing to this, the work in the departments is carried out in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.

Sport support

At Signal Group, we care for the well-being, health and condition of our employees and associates. Each of them as part of the Incentive Scheme is able to join the Multisport program and receive a card, the cost of which is entirely covered by Signal Group.

Signal children's day

Common, year-round celebration is a part of building ties between the families of our Employees. Children's Day is a great opportunity to have fun and strengthen human relations.

Reliable employer

Thanks to the company's personnel policy, we create a unique organizational culture. We know that the largest capital of Signal Group are its employees, which is why our constant challenge is to improve working conditions.

We participate in many actions, and support selected foundations: